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Travelling or going on holiday? Read this first

Plane on runway, flying with thrombosis
Even if you are a frequent flyer, or prefer to take things as they come, it can be a good idea to consider some important factors before you take off. Here are a few tips to keep you out of a sticky situation so that you can focus on that dream holiday instead:
  • Set multiple reminders so you don’t forget to pack your medicine: a note on your door, alarm on your phone and a note on your packing list. 
  • Start packing early – take out your empty suitcase and put some of your medicine inside. If you are taking multiple bags, distribute a few portions of medicine between them, in case one of them gets lost. 
  • If you are allowed, pack your medicine (or at least a couple of doses) in your carry on. That will give you easy access and ensure you have your medicine available. 
  • Call your airport(s) ahead of time to check if there are any procedures you need to consider regarding packing of your medication. 
  • Be sure to pack your medication in its original packaging. If there is an emergency, the local doctors will need to know what treatment you are on.
  • Make a note of the generic name as well as the trade name as some countries may use a different trade name. The generic name will always be the same. It is often written under the trade name in lower case letters. 
  • Book an aisle seat ahead of time so you can more comfortably get up, move around and do circulation exercises (see below) during the flight. 
  • Many airports have special allowances for travelling with liquid medications in a carry-on. Call the airport ahead to check the rules. 


MAT 50154 Last approved April 2022

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