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Cancer treatment is never easy – especially with an additional diagnosis.

You already know this: There is no easy way of living with a cancer diagnosis. Yet, in our dialogue with cancer patients, we have experienced their tremendous appreciation of getting honest advice from doctors and physicians. Knowing “how it is” can be tough, but also reassuring. We have collected a few articles for cancer patients and their relatives on how to deal with uncertainty, fear and symptoms of blood clots.

Know the risk 

Many cancer patients only learn about blood clots when the symptoms arrive. Don’t wait, be proactive. You can start your learning here.
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Surviving cancer treatment

Pia was diagnosed with cancer – and then blood clots. Find out how she got through it.
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Some patients find blood clots worse than the cancer itself

Fear of blood clots is inhibiting. “We fear what we don’t know.” Prof. Simon Noble explains why cancer-related thrombosis can seem like a worse diagnosis than the cancer itself.

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Facts about blood clots

Many doctors are alarmed by the number of cancer-associated thrombosis. Watch the interview with Prof. Simon Noble here.
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